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Membrane Switches, Touch Screens, Piezo switches and Industrial graphics 

Membrane Switches, Touchscreens,
CapKey® and Industrial Graphics

Custom Manufacturer Of Man Machine Interfaces

Danielson Europe is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) and Industrial Graphics (IG). Danielson produces MMI such as Membrane Switches, CapKey® (capacitive switches) and Touchscreens, projected capacitive as well as resistive Touchscreens. Danielson Europe manufactures customer specific solutions for the most demanding applications and markets.

Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches



Touch screens

Industrial Graphics

Industrial Graphics



CapKey capacitive switch key keyboard

Thanks to Danielson’s comprehensive experience in manufacturing Switch Panels, Panel PC, Touch Panels and Touchscreens, Danielson Europe is able to create the perfect solution for your application. As a Membrane Switch, Panel PC, Touch Panel and Touchscreen manufacturer Danielson Europe can develop and produce the most complex and high demanding solutions which will bring your ideas to life.

Next to Danielson Europe’s MMI solutions, Danielson Europe’s Industrial Graphics portfolio will make sure your application stands out from the competition. Dome Labels, Barcodes, Logos, Stickers and more, every one of our solutions will distinguish your application from the rest, every time!


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